Paris Nails Hoffman

Paris Nails Hoffman

Located in the heart of Hoffman Estates, Illinois, Paris Nails Hoffman has provided exclusive nail care and foot care treatments within a relaxed and rejuvenating setting since 2001.

We strive to bring you the most sanitary and friendly nail salon and advanced foot care. We provide you with the most current and updated personal touches such as Pure-Flo Pileless Spa Cleaning and Disinfecting System in order to ensure client satisfaction and customer loyalty. We routinely consult with the State Cosmetology Regulations to make sure that we are always in compliance.

Besides, our experienced team always keeps up-to-date with the newest trend in the industry to bring clients the best look.

We are now pleased to offer even more exciting services. Come in for a pedicure or foot care and relax in our new state-of-the-art eco-friendly massage pedicure chairs.

Why Us?


Advanced education provides you with proper hygiene, disinfection, and sterilization protocols


Our Spa Pedicure Eco Tubs use less water and less hydro. Magnet jet flow ensures a clean and safe pedicure.


The natural, soft, or intense mall is possible with micro-pigmentation, no matter the skin type.

The pigment penetrates the skin efficiently, which makes the pigment last longer. Specialized needle formations can create crisp, natural hair strokes for an amazing result. 

Micropigmentation eyebrow procedures range from individual hair strokes for a very natural look to a shaded powder effect. Permanent eyeliner can give natural eyelash enhancement or even create an elegant smokey eye. Natural lips can get more defined with a basic lip liner whereas full pigmentation gives lips a luscious 3D effect. Derma pigmentation procedures can be performed perfectly too: alopecia, scar camouflage, breast reconstruction, cleft lip camouflage, scalp pigmentation, and more!




As you age, your natural production of collagen and elastin slows down, causing your facial skin to lose its firmness and elasticity. This, in turn, results in wrinkles and lines. At Victoria Salon, with our facial treatment plans and products, we are able to help our customers reverse the effect of this aging process, resulting in younger, firmer-looking facial skin. Other treatments can also prevent the aging process of your facial skin.

Our Commitment

Our store is dedicated to bringing the top of the line products mixed with expert technique to the nail salon industry. Offering services such as waxing, facials, and pedicure allow us to be a one-stop destination for those looking for a complete rejuvenating experience. The friendly staff creates an atmosphere of urban relaxation. We are always trying to be innovative with design and trend, always up-to-date with what the industry has to offer. We ensure your safety and our safety by following strict cleanliness and safety processes. Our team of professionals wants you to relax and enjoy it.